Floros Floridis (reeds)

Foros Floridis

Floros Floridis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied Physics and got his diploma in Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki.In parallel studied classical clarinet as a student of the Romanian professor Konstantin Ugureanou and started being a professional musician in the 70s. He’s best known in the jazz-improvised music world for his colaborations,recordings,etc. with:Peter Kowald,Guenter "Baby" Sommer,Cecil Taylor,Evan Parker,Peter Broetzmann,Paul Lytton,Okay Temiz,Nicky Skopelitis,Paul Lovens,Phil Wachsman, Carlos Zingaro,Hans Schneider,Louis Moholo,Vincent Chancey, Jean-Marc Montera, Milos Petrovic, Ivo Papazov,..In 1979 he and Sakis Papadimitriou recorded the first modern jazz album that was produced in Greece - "Improvising at Barakos" (1979,double LP).- has always made a point of encouraging other Greek players along the path to Free Music.
He has worked as a lecturer of improvisation in several universities and art schools in Greece and was the artistic director and coordinator of different musical events and festivals, e. g. the Jazz and Improvised Music Festival of Thessaloniki, that was also founded by him. Since 2000 he has composed music for feature films, documentaries, theater and dance performances. He also founded the label j. n. d. records.




Paul Lytton (drums, electronic percussions)

Born 1947 in London. Studied drums privately from age of 16. Played dance music and then introduced to jazz. Played with many of the jazz fraternity in London from '66 to '69, at the same time took private tabla lessons from P.R. Desai for about 5 years.
Became interested in European improvised music end '69 through contact with musicians such as Evan Parker, Tony Oxley and Derek Bailey. Developed own instrumentarium including home-made drums and amplified instruments and objects. Founder member of the London Musician's Co-op.
Played on the London Improvisors' scene from '70 till '75.
Founder member of the Aachen Musicians' Co-op in '76. Over the years has free lanced on the European scene with most of the established players in different combinations. Some solo work, an exhibition of home-made instruments in Wuppertal in 1980, some solo concerts; Tours, concerts, radio in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan.



Phil Wachsmann (violin,live-electronics)

Phillip Wachsmann came to free improvisation from a predominantly classical background, articularly via the contemporary experiments of "indeterminacy, graphic and prose-based scores, conceptualism and electroacoustics, listening to Webern, Partch, Ives, Berio and Varèse, reading 'Die Reihe' and interrogating the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic preoccupations of Western art music. Starting in 1969, Wachsmann was a member of Yggdrasil, an ensemble performing works by Cage, Cardew, Feldman, Ashley and others and in this group he used contact mikes on the violin and made his own electronic instruments, ring modulators and routing devices. Ironically, his studies with Nadia Boulanger in Paris (1969-1970) pushed him hard in the direction of free music. He recalls: 'Despite her neoclassical orientation, her insistence that composition is about the imagination of performance and its realisation, the live moment, and her stunning ability to make this happen was a powerful influence on me, steering towards 'performance' and therefore 'improvisation'.



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